Latest Updates: COVID-19 MEASURES

  1. Vaccination of Kinderville Employees

The health & safety of all kids and educators in our care is our priority. Kinderville prides itself on all of our sanitization, cleanliness and health protocols.  At all times, we are taking measures to ensure that our staff and our schools are free of the spread of covid-19.

We are encouraged by the appearance of vaccines worldwide. Kinderville has ensured that ALL eligible employees have received both doses of vaccinations.  

  1. Covid-19 testing for all non-eligible vaccination staff members

Our staff members continue to take the PCR Covid Test every other week and any time they show the slightest signs of a cold or of a cough. Our trained nurses also continue to monitor everyone’s fever two-three times a day.

Guests and parents are still not permitted to enter our classrooms at any time of the day. This is for the safety of all. We continue to adopt socially distancing protocols.

  1. Daily Rules & Regulations

Classrooms: Kinderville will be operating at 50% attendance. Children will be encouraged to maintain a physical distance of 1.5m within their classrooms.

Arrival: Our Nurse and the designated Health and Safety Officer will be doing temperature checks at the entrance. No one with a temperature equal to or above 37.5°C is allowed inside the preschool. Parents will not be permitted inside the building and will be required to drop off their children at the entrance. Our designated staff member from the child’s stable group will receive the children from the reception and take them to their classrooms.

Students will need a separate pair of shoes in order to enter Kinderville, which will be stored in the designated areas at the end of the day when they leave: they will also be disinfected daily.

Children/staff/parents who show any signs of illness must not attend school. In a positive COVID 19 test, our preschool must be contacted immediately to enable contact tracing. If any household member has symptoms of Covid-19, parents must inform the preschool and refrain from sending their child to school. 

  1. Community Events & Field Trips
  • In order to maintain social distancing at all times as well as to minimize the spread of Covid-19, Kinderville has temporarily suspended all gatherings, community events such as Parent Teacher Conferences, parental involvement events, combined class festive celebrations and field trips.


We are in this together!

Many of our staff have been deployed by the government and The Dubai Health Authority in different areas, especially healthcare in Dubai. We are honored to continue lending a helping hand to our communities specially to assist the frontliners in combating COVID19. We are proud of them and continue to pray for their well-being.

Kinderville’s additional safety measures will mitigate the potential risks posed. We strongly believe in creating a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for our entire Kinderville Family.