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Dearest Parents,

We hope that you and your children are safe and healthy.
We acknowledge how worrying and upsetting the past four months have been for
everyone at Kinderville including our lil’ones, our parents as well as our staff members.

We are fully aware that every family is affected by COVID 19 both personally and emotionally in some way.

The Kinderville Group’s main concern is to protect our children.
We want them to feel heard, and to feel understood. It is natural that some of the
anxiety that kids are experiencing may be passed on by worried parents.
We completely understand, and want to once again offer our support to you.
We are one family, and we are here for you!

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For the very first-time parents and children around the world are at the edge because of Coronavirus. Our day to day routines have been disrupted, no clarity on what lies ahead and the nonstop news and social media coverage only makes us more anxious about what lies ahead. All this is certainly not helping our children who are watching and listening to us discussing coronavirus issues amongst family, friends, and ourselves each day.

Many experts believe that the way we deal with our own anxieties can impact our children feeling emotionally secured during these uncertain times. We need to be resilient, calm and learn to deal with this pandemic in a healthy way.

Staying Resilient

As parents we play an important role in teaching children to cope with anxiety and staying calm through these uncertain times. We have the responsibility to teach our children to be grateful for being together and mindful of the present. Our tolerance to uncertainty and the way we cope with it will only give tools to our children to be more resilient to such situations in the future.

Smart Reading

While there are all kinds of news articles on economic predictions, crisis management, status of the economy in print and online, we should be thoughtful about what we are reading. Read articles that are helpful, positive and inform us to keep our families safe.

When discussions and articles start to make us feel anxious- take a break!
Information to help us stay safe and healthy is important; overload of information on Coronavirus is not.

Staying in the present

As tempting it is to get caught up with information and conversations about what the future may look like, it is better to focus on the present rather than what will happen tomorrow. Focus on everything around us today, our children, home, family, work – one day at a time!

Rely on routines

Remember life goes on! Establish routines that involve exercise, regular meals and healthy amounts of sleep. Make time for our little ones, playing games, gardening, story time or just engaging in meaningful activities.

We wanted more time with family and now we have it.

Let us make the most of it by adapting and relying on these new routines.

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